We are a retired military service member owned used dealership and repair shop, specializing in service, sales, towing, insurance estimate and repair, parts and accessories .   We work with all major insurance companies.  After several years of passion for motorcycles, we decided it was time to pursue something we really enjoy for fun on the side.  Our goal is to implement the highest standard of competency, care, and to exceed the expectations of our clients to ensure their complete and over all satisfaction. We take pride in our work.  We will assist you with everything you need to keep your motorcycle running smoothly so you can keep riding safely.

We provide all services from a simple regularly scheduled maintenance, to a more complex service such as an engine rebuild. Having attended Motorcycle Mechanics Institute we can do almost any type of work on your bike. We service and repair all makes and models of street, dirt, atv’s, and mopeds.  Motorcycle dealers in our area charge as much as $95.00 an hour or more for labor, which is truly outrageous. At those prices, we can save you some cash to spend on better things.

In over 20 years of riding motorcycles, which include street, track, dirt, and atv’s, our experience is mostly in maintaining, repairing and tuning the different styles of motorcycles.  Going for a simple ride on a cruiser is completely different than riding our sport bikes.  All in all it boils down to the joy of riding and the freedom one experiences on a ride.  We are dedicated riders who often go to the track during our spare time. Our passion for this sport has brought us to help our clients save money by offering what is more than fair prices so that you can spend the extra cash on other things.  We will help you keep your motorcycle on the road where it belongs. Contact Us For Your First Service.

Thank you,
Lach Motorsports Crew