We provide all services from a simple regularly scheduled maintenance, collision repairs, to a more complex service such as an engine rebuild, or port and polish. Having attended Motorcycle Mechanics Institute we can do almost any type of work on your bike. We service and repair all makes and models of street, dirt, atv’s, and mopeds.  Motorcycle dealers in our area charge as much as $95.00 an hour or more for labor, which is truly outrageous. At those prices, we can save you some cash to spend on better things.  We  offer bike storage for active military going on deployment.  Please contact us for more information.  We offer towing,  insurance estimates and repairs, and great deals on bodywork.  If your interested in selling your bike, we can help.  We offer Consignment.

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  • Buy good tires and keep them properly inflated.  Make sure the tire has the proper load rating for your bike.  this usually isn’t a problem with smaller bikes but we’ve seen a lot of big touring bikes with tires that were overloaded.
  • You need to change all fluids, except engine oil, at least every two years.  This means, brake fluid, anti-freeze, fork oil, and if you have a hydraulic clutch, the clutch brake fluid.  Use the proper brake fluid.  It’s written on the master cylinder cover.
  • Keep and eye on the brake pads and don’t let them wear too far.  If they do wear too far you’ll score the rotor and that’s big bucks to replace.  Use the proper type of pad for the bike.
  • Worn chains accelerate the wear rate of the sprockets and visa-versa.  ALWAYS replace BOTH sprockets when replacing the chain and use steel sprockets on both ends.  Aluminum rear sprockets are for racing and serve no useful purpose on a street bike.  They cost twice as much as steel and wear faster.

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